Patient 1:  Received rent assistance, three utility bills, and car payment

44-year-old woman with Stage IV bilateral breast cancer with possible lung metastases. She is married and has a 3-year-old child. She had surgery earlier this month and expected to be off of work for 3-4 months. Her husband was injured on the job the first week of this month and expects to be off work for at least 6 months; he has opened an L&I claim, however it is unclear if and when they will receive any payments.

 They anticipated her surgery and paid the rent and utilities up to date, however because her husband is now not working, they have no funds to stay current. They rely on their financed vehicle to get her to treatment appointments and unfortunately they were unable to keep this payment current. The family is covered on DSHS medical and a food stamps application has been completed. With help from the Assistance Fund they could manage to stay in their current home and keep their vehicle until either or both adults are able to resume work.

Patient 2:  Received assistance with gift cards for food and gas

Husband of the patient met with the social worker and was very stressed out about finances and didn’t want his wife to know the truth about their financial problems since she was already so upset about her cancer.  Husband stated they are out of money to pay bills, ie. Groceries, utilities, gas because he has missed so much work bringing her in for treatments.   Patient was given gift cards to Fred Meyer for food and Safeway gas cards. 

Patient 3: Paid water bill

Patient came in with a Disconnection Notice from Everett Utility Services.  She is 48 years old with Bilateral Breast Cancer. She was collecting rainwater to bath and flush the toilet. Patient is currently on Medicaid. She had friends that had promised to pay her water bill for her but when she got the 2nd notice and called she found out they hadn’t followed through.