Our Beginning

Uncorked for Cancer initially was started in honor of one of our co-founder's mother, Leslie. She was diagnosed with breast cancer March 2015. As her family and friends rallied together she experienced what it meant to be in a community. The outpour of love and support was incredible and much more than her family ever could have expected.

From this experience the co-founders realized that they wanted to do more. They wanted everyone fighting cancer to have a sense of community and support.  To be able to fight cancer without the stress of finances.

Last years Mission

For our inaugural event we teamed up with the Linda Baltzell Cancer Patient Assistance Fund at Providence Medical Center. This fund was set-up to assist patient's with financial difficulties going through cancer treatment. These difficulties can range from making a home wheelchair accessible to paying a water bill. There is not a maximum or minimum amount placed on the patient's applying for it and they are allowed to apply as many times as they need.

At Providence Medical Center a board of people meet once a month to determine the recipients. In honor of Leslie's (our co-founder's mother) fight with breast cancer our passion was driven to help this specific population. Providence allowed us to create a fund within the Cancer Patient Assistance Fund to specifically help those fighting breast cancer.